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Want to get your message across? Write then.

What’s the worst thing a professional writer wants to see on his laptop?

Answer: a blank screen.

It’s true. If you’re a writer – either a pro, or a business person who needs to communicate with someone else – and you have a  blank screen in front of you, that’s not good.

‘But I can’t think what to write’ you say. Nonsense – just do exactly that: write. Get something down. Don’t be daunted by that white display in front of you on your laptop or computer monitor. You mustn’t let it get to you. Beat it – just write something.

Don’t worry about style. And you can even let a few spelling or grammatical errors go (for now). You’ll correct all that later. The important thing to do at this moment is to get your draft words, your initial thoughts, the bones of your message, down on that screen.

Because you will edit later. That’s when you will improve, correct and hone. That’s when the outline will begin to take shape and start to form into the powerful message, order, instruction, verse or chapter that you were looking to produce.

So first… just write.

You’ll be amazed how things start to drop into place once you have that first draft up (or down) and running. Writing things down helps us to develop and order those thoughts and emotions that our brain finds so easy to hold and bounce around at lightning speed. Layer upon layer of thinking and deliberation can be processed and decided upon at a remarkable rate inside the old noggin, but there’s no order to it.

Putting things in writing help us to find the way to communicate our wishes clearly and concisely. It’s a wonderful tool to have in your armoury, and becoming a good, strong writer puts you in an excellent position in the business world.

People start to understand what you want from them. What you want to achieve, and how you are going to do it – with their help if necessary. And that leads to respect and admiration from friends, colleagues and peers.

But that all comes later. Perhaps when you’ve had some training or coaching in business writing and communicating.

For now, allow yourself some bad writing, some poor spelling and a few inverted sentences if you wish.

The most important thing right now, is to get started. Write on…

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